Stone Temple Pilots, “Stone Temple Pilots” (3.5/5)
(written for suburban roads magazine )

After nearly a decade without releasing an album, the successful group Stone Temple Pilots has released their first self-titled record, a commendable addition to the Stone Temple Pilots discography after their previous release, Shangri-La Dee Da. Blending classic and hard rock with a bit of country, each track speaks for itself, further proving these guys know exactly what they’re doing and how to do it, and know how to make well paced and fully formed rock song. This is apparent throughout the majority of the album, and is highly detectable in songs like “Fast As I Can”, “Between the Lines”, and “Huckleberry Crumble”. There is also a definite hint of the past in tracks like “Take a Load Off”, and “Bagman” following in the vein of classic rock styling and sensibilities from the 60s and 70s.

Not only is the album full of influences as well STP’s unique sound that has been generating albums since the early 90s, it has a perfect balance to it, delivering an undeniably smooth vibe and allowing the listener to kickback or take a drive and just enjoy some pure rock tracks. While the album is mostly a fast paced, rock romp as one zooms through each track, there are a couple standouts that are more ambient and easy listening. Solace from the harder hitting tracks can be found in songs like “Dare If You Dare”, and my personal favorite off of the album “Cinnamon”, a completely fluid song creating a fantastic summery atmosphere to my listening of the album.

Combining their unique sound, and classic influences this is overall a very accomplished and solid rock album, delivered by a consistently great rock band.

Favorite song: Cinnamon