Benjy Davis Project, “Lost Souls Like Us” (4.5/5)
(written for suburban roads magazine)

As another summer approaches, the determined search for the perfect soundtrack to suit your next three months of blissful weather begins. Well, look no further than the new album from the Benjy Davis Project, titled Lost Souls Like Us. This Louisiana based group offers up some soon to be and all ready favorite road trip tunes.  Lending a twangy Southern rock influence to their sound, one can’t help but smile as this album unfolds.

The most intriguing aspect of the album is the fact that no one song shines above all the others, rather each song is its own story, individual of one another, inviting a new dynamic into play as each track unveils a unique experience from the song before it. Because each track is different in its own right, it’s hard to pick out just what is a favorite, but found my choice in the track titled “Bite My Tongue,” a sharp, and ironically enough biting vocally driven song that, to me, has a wonderful late Beatles-esque quality, which was very much apparent in the intro. Another very easily likeable listen is “Mississippi,” a pure road song in every sense, with a faster paced backing and upbeat traveling driven lyrics. “Get High” serves as an ultimate weekend anthem, entertaining ideas of the good life and eliminating what worries us the rest of the time, while “Stay With Me” wraps you up in a lovely well, love-centric, flying tribute to the promises of a romance.

All of these elements, and a whole lot more, fuse together to create the epitome of lyric and vocal driven Southern rock at its best. If you can’t catch them live (they currently have shows planned in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida, to name a few) pick up a copy of their record, include them in your summer mixes, and hit the road, because with Lost Souls Like Us, you’ve found a soundtrack to your summer.

Favorite track: “Bite My Tongue”